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Deleting tags from

Today I deleted some tags from my profile. I removed the tags: WebDesign, Portal, Tutorial, Application, and Torrent.

Now that I am done deleting, there is (as far as I know) no record in that I have ever used those tags. Will the applications of the future track what we discard, as well as what we use? Right now the storage costs are too high to log every deleted tag from every user. But it is easy to envision a time when storage is so cheap that such tracking is possible.

What would that mean for privacy? What if I assign, and later delete, the tag kiddie.pr0n? If the NSA does a sweep of users, do they flag my account or not, since I'm obviously no longer using that tag?

For usability though, keeping track of everything I've discarded would be a huge win. Imagine after years of using a Web service, being able to view statistics not only of my usage of that service, but also of all the mistakes I've made with that service. I would be able to determine what mistakes I make most often, for one thing.

And wouldn't it be interesting, assuming several years of using a service like, to be able to see what tags I've repeatedly deleted and then added again? I might not even remember, but the system could track it for me. I might be able to identify trends in my own behavior that I myself had missed.