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August 31, 2006

Why do HTML elements have different widths in MSIE than they do in Firefox?

Why do HTML elements have different widths in MSIE than they do in Firefox? The answer is that IE uses a different box model than Firefox. What is the box model?

I looked in Wikipedia for the answer, and this is what I learned:

The box model allows block-level elements - such as paragraphs and block-quotations - to be drawn with padding, borders, and margins.

As defined by those CSS specifications, when a width is explicitly specified for any block-level element it should determine only the width of the content within the box, then the padding, borders and margins added afterwards. Internet Explorer (prior to version 6) instead includes the padding and borders within the specified width, resulting in a narrower box when displayed.

[PPK favors the IE box model, and says,] "Web designers who create boxes for holding content care about the *visible* width of the box, about the distance from border to border. The borders, and not the content, are the visual cues for the user of the site. Nobody is interested in the width of the content."

[Use of the ie box model] can make division of interior space (as one might do for colums in a layout) more difficult using the IE box model.

...if there are two boxes, one inside the other, and the inner box describes its width as 50%, it will be calculated based on the width of the outer box that is reported by the current box model. Since the inner box must exist within the border and padding of the outer box, using the IE box model, the inner box's 50% width will take up more than 50% of the content space available to it.

Internet Explorer box model bug - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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August 30, 2006

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August 29, 2006

Our vacation playlist for 2006

I bought a Belkin FM converter for the iPod when we went on vacation this year. It was great having all that music on the road; and iTunes tracked every minute of it. Here's our "reality playlist" :) from vacation 2006!

Vacation Playlist 2006
Track Name Artist
Toccata in D Minor, BWV 913 Colin Tilney
Toccata in F Sharp Minor, BWV 910 Colin Tilney
The Rose Of My Cologne The Beautiful South
Manchester The Beautiful South
There Is Song The Beautiful South
The Cat Loves The Mouse The Beautiful South
The Next Verse The Beautiful South
When Romance Is Dead The Beautiful South
Meanwhile The Beautiful South
Space The Beautiful South
Bed Of Nails The Beautiful South
Never Lost A Chicken To A Fox The Beautiful South
From Now On The Beautiful South
Tears The Beautiful South
Song For Whoever Beautiful South
You Keep It All In Beautiful South
I'll Sail This Ship Alone Beautiful South
A Little Time Beautiful South
My Book Beautiful South
Let Love Speak Up Itself Beautiful South
Old Red Eyes Is Back Beautiful South
We Are Each Other Beautiful South
Bell Bottomed Tear Beautiful South
36D Beautiful South
Good As Gold (Stupid As Mud) Beautiful South
Everybody's Talkin' Beautiful South
Prettiest Eyes Beautiful South
One Last Love Song Beautiful South
Diamonds Beautiful South
They Used To Wear Black Beautiful South
Throw His Song Away Beautiful South
Trevor You're Bizarre Beautiful South
Love Wars Beautiful South
You Just Can't Smile It Away Beautiful South
But 'Til Then Beautiful South
Size Beautiful South
Frank And Delores Beautiful South
I Started A Joke Beautiful South
Woman In The Wall Beautiful South
Danielle Steel (The Enemy Within) Beautiful South
Hot in the City Billy Idol
Eyes Without A Face Billy Idol
Goody Two Shoes Adam Ant
Allentown Billy Joel
Against The Wind Bob Seger
Fire Lake Bob Seger
The Way It Is Bruce Hornsby
Mandolin Rain Bruce Hornsby
The Valley Road Bruce Hornsby & The Range
Hungry Heart Bruce Springsteen
Dancing In The Dark Bruce Springsteen
Cover Me Bruce Springsteen
Glory Days Bruce Springsteen
I'm On Fire Bruce Springsteen
Born In The U.S.A. Bruce Springsteen
Brilliant Disguise Bruce Springsteen
Straight From The Heart Bryan Adams
Heaven Bryan Adams
Run To You Bryan Adams
Summer Of '69 Bryan Adams
I Feel for You Chaka Khan
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me Culture Club
Time Culture Club
I'll Tumble 4 Ya Culture Club
Karma Chameleon Culture Club
Miss Me Blind Culture Club
Church Of The Poisoned Mind Culture Club
Der Kommissar After the Fire
You May Be Right Billy Joel
I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight Cutting Crew
Money for Nothing Dire Straits
Walk Of Life Dire Straits
Hungry Like The Wolf Duran Duran
Is There Something I Should Kn Duran Duran
The Reflex Duran Duran
Union Of The Snake Duran Duran
New Moon On Monday Duran Duran
A View to a Kill Duran Duran
Wild Boys Duran Duran
Electric Avenue Eddy Grant
Make Believe Thompson Twins
Perfect Game Thompson Twins
Make Believe 12 inch mix Thompson Twins
Runaway (Single Remix) Thompson Twins
Lies (Single Remix) Thompson Twins
We Are Detective (7 Inch Version) Thompson Twins
Watching (You Watching Me) Thompson Twins
Sister Of Mercy (Single Version) Thompson Twins
Hold Me Now (Single Version) Thompson Twins
Lay Your Hands On Me (12 Inch Version) Thompson Twins
King For A Day Thompson Twins
Tokyo Thompson Twins
You Take Me Up Thompson Twins
No Peace For The Wicked Thompson Twins
Judy Do Thompson Twins
Love Lies Bleeding Thompson Twins
Living In Europe Thompson Twins
Bouncing Thompson Twins
The Rowe Thompson Twins
Runaway Thompson Twins
Another Fantasy Thompson Twins
Fool's Gold Thompson Twins
Future Legend David Bowie
Diamond Dogs David Bowie
Sweet Thing David Bowie
Candidate David Bowie
Sweet Thing (Reprise) David Bowie
Rebel Rebel David Bowie
Rock 'n Roll With Me David Bowie
We Are The Dead David Bowie
1984 David Bowie
Big Brother David Bowie
Chant Of The Ever Circling Skeletal Family David Bowie
Dodo (Bonus Track Unreleased 1973) David Bowie
Candidate (Bonus Track Demo Version 1973) David Bowie
Zongamin - Serious Trouble 2 Many DJ's
Garbage vs. Felix Da Housecat - Androgyny 2 Many DJ's
Frank Delour - DJ's Delight, vol 2 vs. The Residents - Kaw-Liga 2 Many DJ's
Carlos Morga - Shake Your Body 2 Many DJ's
Alphawezen - Into the Stars (Firebirds Mix) 2 Many DJ's
Interstellar - Concepts vs. Nena - 99 Luftballons 2 Many DJ's
Destiny's Child - Independent Women pt1 vs 10cc - Dreadlock Holiday 2 Many DJ's
Dolly Parton - 9 to 5 vs. Royskopp - Eple 2 Many DJ's
Arbeid Adelt - Death Disco 2 Many DJ's
Jeans Team vs MJ Lam - Keine Melodien 2 Many DJ's
Skee Lo - I Wish vs. Maurice Fulton Presents Stress - My Gigolo vs. The Breeders - Cannonball 2 Many DJ's
The Cramps - Human Fly 2 Many DJ's
The Wildbunch - Danger! High Voltage 2 Many DJ's
OP-L Bastards - Don't Bring me Down 2 Many DJ's
Adult - Hand to Phone 2 Many DJ's
Vitalic - La Rock 01 2 Many DJ's
Queen of Japan - I Was Made for Loving You 2 Many DJ's
New Order - The Beach vs. Detroit Grand Pubahs - Sandwiches 2 Many DJ's
Lords of Acid - I Sit on Acid (Soulwax Remix) 2 Many DJ's
Streamer featuring Private Thoughts in Public Places - Start Button 2 Many DJ's
Herd 35007
Phantoms 45 Grave
Polyunsaturated Blood 45 Grave
Surf Bat 45 Grave
Take 9 45 Grave
Take Five 45 Grave
The Plan 45 Grave
Your Problem 45 Grave
As You Turn to Go (w-Momus) The 6ths
When I'm Out Of Town (with Chris Knox) The 6ths
All Dressed Up In Dreams Mary The 6ths
falling out of love with you The 6ths
In The City In The Rain Lou Ba The 6ths
Sixths - San Diego Zoo The 6ths
Sixths - San Diego Zoo The 6ths
Intro 9th Wonder and Buckshot
U Wonderin (ft. Big Pooh and Sean Price) 9th Wonder and Buckshot
Out of Town (ft. Legacy and Joe Scudda) 9th Wonder and Buckshot
I Don't Know Why (ft. Keisha Shontelle) 9th Wonder and Buckshot
Money Makes The World Go Round (ft. Starang Wondah) 9th Wonder and Buckshot
Trilby's Couch A.C. Marias
Just Talk A.C. Marias
There's a Scent of Rain in the Air A.C. Marias
Our Dust A.C. Marias
So Soon A.C. Marias
Give Me A.C. Marias
To Sleep A.C. Marias
Looks Like A.C. Marias
Sometime A.C. Marias
Time Was A.C. Marias
Supernaut 1000 homo dj's
Pepper's ghost Alan Moore/Tim Perkins
black and red Avail
blue times two Avail
west wye Avail
you Avail
gravel to dirt Avail
done reckoning Avail
east on main Avail
versus Avail
subdued & arrested Avail
monuments Avail
the falls Avail
now Avail
Armagideon Dub The Bush Chemists
Cultural Dub The Bush Chemists
Horace Andy - A Better Version-Aggrovators King Tubby
Bad Weed Lee "Scratch" Perry
Plastic Smile SLY & Robbie
Vibrator Lee "Scratch" Perry
Bird in Hand Lee "Scratch" Perry
Congoman Lee "Scratch" Perry
Dyon Anasawa Lee "Scratch" Perry
Rastaman Shuffle Lee "Scratch" Perry
Why Must I [Version] Lee "Scratch" Perry
Make up Your Mind Lee "Scratch" Perry
Lágrimas Negras Compay Segundo
Piano fire Sparklehorse
Dime Store Mystery Lou Reed
Xmas In February Lou Reed
Endless Cycle Lou Reed
Romeo Had Juliette Lou Reed
Dirty Blvd. Lou Reed
There Is No Time Lou Reed
Sick Of You Lou Reed
Hold On Lou Reed
Basilio Repilado, Compay Segundo - Linda Graciela (con Basilio Repilado) Compay Segundo
Compay Segundo, Omara Portuondo - La Pluma (con Omara Portuondo) Compay Segundo
Martirio Compay Segundo - Juliancito (con Martirio) Compay Segundo
Amor Gigante Compay Segundo
Una Rosa De Francia Compay Segundo
Margaret vs. Pauline Neko Case
Star Witness Neko Case
Hold On, Hold On Neko Case
lou reed - berlin - 01 - berlin Velvet Underground
Killing Floor Howlin Wolf
My Last Affair Howlin Wolf
Warrior King Lou Reed
Pocket Knife P.J. Harvey
Favorite Neko Case
At Last Neko Case
A Widow's Toast Neko Case
Lady Pilot Neko Case
Set Out Running Neko Case
Knock Loud Neko Case
I'll Be Around Neko Case
Pretty Girls Neko Case
One of Our Girls Has Gone Missing A.C. Marias
Stinging Velvet Neko Case
Interlude Neko Case
Buckets OF Rain Neko Case
Lift Us Up Matt Sweeney & Bonnie "Prince" Billy
Rudy Foolish Matt Sweeney & Bonnie "Prince" Billy
Bed Is For Sleeping Matt Sweeney & Bonnie "Prince" Billy
Only Someone Running Matt Sweeney & Bonnie "Prince" Billy
Death In The Sea Matt Sweeney & Bonnie "Prince" Billy
Cubs In Five Mountain Goats
Viejos Sones De Santiago Compay Segundo
clones Alice Cooper
I Walk the Line Alien Sex Fiend
eurotrash girl chicks on speed
When the Shit Hits the Fan Circle Jerks
The Width Of A Circle David Bowie
All The Madmen David Bowie
Black Country Rock David Bowie
After All David Bowie
Running Gun Blues David Bowie
Saviour Machine David Bowie
Tina Turner - Tonight David Bowie
Cat People Live David Bowie
Cat People (Putting Out Fire) David Bowie
I Run Rap Dr Dooom
I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News) Eagles Of Death Metal
I Gotta Feeling (Just Nineteen) Eagles Of Death Metal
Cherry Cola Eagles Of Death Metal
I Like To Move In The Night Eagles Of Death Metal
Solid Gold Eagles Of Death Metal
Don't Speak (I Came To Make A BANG!) Eagles Of Death Metal
Keep Your Head Up Eagles Of Death Metal
The Ballad Of Queen Bee And Baby Duck Eagles Of Death Metal
Poor Doggie Eagles Of Death Metal
Chase The Devil Eagles Of Death Metal
Eagles Goth Eagles Of Death Metal
Shasta Beast Eagles Of Death Metal
Bag O' Miracles Eagles Of Death Metal
Wanque Off Song Frightwig
My Crotch Does Not Say "Go" Frightwig
No More Shoes Stephen Malkmus
Freeze The Saints Stephen Malkmus
Post-Paint Boy Stephen Malkmus
It Kills Stephen Malkmus
Malediction Stephen Malkmus
Monkey Gone to Heaven Frank Black Francis & Two Pale Boys
Where is My Mind? Frank Black Francis & Two Pale Boys
Caribou Frank Black Francis & Two Pale Boys
Into the White Frank Black Francis & Two Pale Boys
Wave of Mutilation Frank Black Francis & Two Pale Boys
Nimrods Son Frank Black Francis & Two Pale Boys
Velouria Frank Black Francis & Two Pale Boys
Levitate Frank Black Francis & Two Pale Boys
Cactus Frank Black Francis & Two Pale Boys
Holiday Song Frank Black Francis & Two Pale Boys
America Is Not The World Morrissey
Irish Blood, English Heart Morrissey
I Have Forgiven Jesus Morrissey
Come Back To Camden Morrissey
I'm Not Sorry Morrissey
The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores Morrissey
How Could Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel Morrissey
First Of The Gang To Die Morrissey
Falling Through Your Clothes The New Pornographers
Broken Breads The New Pornographers
Three Or Four The New Pornographers
Star Bodies The New Pornographers
Streets Of Fire The New Pornographers
Stacked Crooked The New Pornographers
Crazy Patsy Cline
I'm walking the dog Patsy Cline
Just out of reach Patsy Cline
Why can't he be you Patsy Cline
I can see an angel Patsy Cline
It wasn't god who made honky tonk angels Patsy Cline
Who can i count on Patsy Cline
Your kinda love Patsy Cline
Let the teardrops fall Patsy Cline
Seven lonely days Patsy Cline
Turn the cards slowly Patsy Cline
When you need a laugh Patsy Cline
A church, a courtroom and then goodbye Patsy Cline
I love you so much it hurts Patsy Cline
Leavin' on your mind Patsy Cline
Never no more Patsy Cline
Back in baby arms Patsy Cline
Foolin' round Patsy Cline
Honky tonk and merry go round Patsy Cline
If i could only stay asleep Patsy Cline
Have you ever been lonely Patsy Cline
I'm moving along Patsy Cline
Eye 45 Grave
Give Me Back My Dreams (w-Sally Timms) The 6ths
He Didn't (w-Bob Mould) The 6ths
I've Got New York (w-Melanie) The 6ths
Just Like a Movie Star (w-Domninique A) The 6ths
(The 6ths) Kissing Things (w-Sarah Cracknell) The 6ths
Lindy Lou (w-Miho Hatori) The 6ths
Night Falls Like a Grand Piano (w-Clare Grogan) The 6ths
The Sailor in Love with the Sea (w-Gary Numan) The 6ths
Waltzing Me All the Way Home (w-Odetta) The 6ths
You You You You You (w-Katharine Whalen) The 6ths
When I'm Out Of Town The 6ths
San Diego Zoo (with Barbara Manning) The 6ths
Aging Spinsters (with Stephin Merritt) The 6ths
All Dressed Up In Dreams (with Mary Timony) The 6ths
Falling Out Of Love (With You) (with Dean Wareham) The 6ths
Winter In July (with Ayako Akashiba) The 6ths
Pillow Fight The 6ths
Pillow Fight (with Mitch Easter) The 6ths
Dream Hat (with Mac McCaughan) The 6ths
Movies In My Head (with Georgia Hubley) The 6ths
In The City In The Rain (with Lou Barlow) The 6ths
Looking For Love (In The Hall Of Mirrors) (with Amelia Fletcher) The 6ths
Heaven In A Black Leather Jacket (with Robert Scott) The 6ths
Here In My Heart (with Anna Domino) The 6ths
Puerto Rico Way (with Mark Robinson) The 6ths
You Can't Break A Broken Heart (with Jeffrey Underhill) The 6ths
Yet Another Girl The 6ths
Back Down 9th Wonder
The Cross 9th Wonder
Made U Look 9th Wonder
Last Real Nigga Alive 9th Wonder
Hey Nas 9th Wonder
I Can 9th Wonder
Book of Rhymes 9th Wonder
Thugz Mansion 9th Wonder
Mastermind 9th Wonder
Warrior Song 9th Wonder
Revolutionary Warfare 9th Wonder
Ether 9th Wonder
Chemistry 101 9th Wonder and Buckshot
He's Back 9th Wonder and Buckshot
Now A Dayz (That's What's Up) 9th Wonder and Buckshot
Slippin 9th Wonder and Buckshot
Side Talk 9th Wonder and Buckshot
The Ghetto 9th Wonder and Buckshot
Food for Thought 9th Wonder and Buckshot
No Comparison 9th Wonder and Buckshot
Birdz (ft. Phonte and Keisha Shontelle) 9th Wonder and Buckshot
Tell That Girl To Shut Up Transvision Vamp
Xmas Card from a hooker in Minneapolis - Neko Case & her girlfriends Tom Waits Cover
Get Ready For Love Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Cannibal's Hymn Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Messiah Ward Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Let The Bells Ring Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Twin Cinema The New Pornographers
Jackie, Dressed In Cobras The New Pornographers
The Jessica Numbers The New Pornographers
These Are The Fables The New Pornographers
Sound System Operation Ivy
Knowledge Operation Ivy
Give Me Back Embrace
Dance Of Days Embrace
Building Embrace
Past Embrace
Spoke Embrace
Do Not Consider Yourself Free Embrace
No More Pain Embrace
I Wish Embrace
Said Gun Embrace
Can't Forgive Embrace
Money Embrace
If I Never Thought About It Embrace
End Of A Year Embrace
Last Song Embrace
Ain't Even Done With The Night John Cougar Mellencamp
Jack and Diane John Cougar Mellencamp
Hurts So Good John Cougar Mellencamp
Pink Houses John Cougar Mellencamp
Lonely Ol' Night John Cougar Mellencamp
Small Town John Cougar Mellencamp
18 And Life Skid Row
The Bones Of An Idol The New Pornographers
Use It The New Pornographers
The Bleeding Heart Show The New Pornographers
Stand by Your Man Plasmatics (Wendy O Williams & Motorhead)
Red Rooster Howlin Wolf
Bonus Track (Insturmental) New Bomb Turks
Spanish Fly By Night New Bomb Turks
The Roof New Bomb Turks
Chemical Warfare Dead Kennedys
Kill The Poor Dead Kennedys

Careful planning sometimes feels like a waste of time

Careful planning sometimes feels like a waste of time, but time spent planning is never wasted.

Stepping back from the work to draw a picture, diagram a business rule, is always beneficial, if one is a visual thinker. Planning is the stage in which design patterns are identified. Today, identifying a design pattern can be near-identical with solving a complex problem. These days, there are even open-source libraries for JavaScript ^.^

Remember that the only time that actually matters, is the few hours it takes to hand off a product to the client. So it's pointless to worry about (as I used to) "wasting" time on activities other than actually writing the code; the only time one needs to worry about wasting, is again the few hours it takes to hand off a product to the client. And generally one spends that time just worrying about whether business rules are being followed.

So it follows that the only activity one must perform is the following of business rules. It is possible, given a large enough library of products, to satisfy multiple clients with the same product. Therefore, if one is really careful about discovering what the business rules are, and if one has been assiduous about writing code in the past; then it is possible to hand off a product, without having recently written any code.

So it's not even strictly necessary to write code in order to make money! But what is necessary, every time, is planning. Because, after discovery, one has to make the critical choice between only two of "good, fast, or cheap."

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