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links for 2009-05-25

  • “Do not do what I do; rather, take whatever I have to offer and do with it what I could never imagine doing and then come back and tell me about it.”
  • A concise explanation of what goes into a Rakefile. This is the best explanation I have seen so far as it does not try to give a bunch of examples but instead simply explains each feature of the Rakefile in the briefest terms possible. Interesting facts learned here include 1) tasks are called only once, multiple calls to the same task, with different parameters, simply cause all those parameters to be passed to the task 2) rules can be defined for target files whose file extension matches a regex, and the name of the target file will also be assumed to be the name of any source files 3)
  • You had me at "I never intended to write this code." Jim Weirich, the author of Rake, on the origin of the idea of building a make tool in Ruby. "It was just about a page worth of code that reproduced an amazing amount of the functionality of make. We were both truely stunned with the power of Ruby."