December 24, 2006

Notes on getting PNG transparency in IE6 with pure CSS

Recently, I started building a site with a lot of transparent image elements. The trouble was the the client required support for IE6 as well as IE7. Now, IE 6 and lower do not support transparent PNGs out of the box, but I knew that there were workarounds for that.

The question was, which workaround to use? One method I saw involved using an Explorer "behavior." Unfortunately, this solution required loading and HTC file, which is an ActiveX control. ActiveX controls aren't loaded in IE6 with default security settings. Maybe there is a workaround for that, but I couldn't find it in a timely fashion. Besides, the HTC solution requires an HTC file and a special GIF file be stored on the server. Adding mysterious stuff to the client's file tree is something I really like to avoid.

Then I ran across a brand new article (based upon a much older article) at A List Apart: Super-Easy Blendy Backgrounds. This article describes a pure CSS technique of getting image transparency to work in IE 6.

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April 29, 2006

Note to self, this is not the best way to set an element's style

I love coming up with solutions on the fly. It's fun to read the code later and see where my brain is at, under extreme pressure.

Bless this mess of CSS. :)

add(newTag('style', 'textarea{width:100%;height:100%;}'));
add(newTag('textarea', u));