September 11, 2006

Neat little example of a useful JavaScript closure

I just picked up the 5th edition of David Flanagan's JavaScript, the Definitive Guide. I find it amusing that that book is the only JavaScript book officially recommended at comp.lang.javascript.

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May 26, 2006

Prototype.js cheat sheet set

These are a visual and a hypertext cheat sheet for the Prototype.js library. Prototype.js is the foundation of and Rico, among others.

More on what to do with Prototype.js after the jump.

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May 16, 2006

Level 60 Characters pioneers tracks the members who post the most new material which becomes a popular link. These are the level 60 Characters! Observation: a list of names looks identical to a list of names of WOW characters... like I can talk, when my name is thefangmonster ;)

April 19, 2006

Big Web Application weekend

This week I put together the largest JavaScript application I have attempted so far. It was a lot of fun to learn all the new Web 2.0 techniques. I got to try out, Rico and prototype.js. Most importantly I learned how to generate HTML using JavaScript's ability to manipulate the DOM tree. I can see a day ahead where I don't type any tags at all, except for maybe HEAD, SCRIPT and BODY. :)

I also designed a UI from the ground up for the first time. Nothing complicated, aespecially lthough I did create some 3d buttons, which was fun. I know a lot more about Photoshop than I thought, when I have a good tutorial in front of me.

One thing I didn't have time to do, that would have really helped, is to learn the command set for the Selenium client-side testing suite. Although it was very easy to install, I haven't figured out how to check rollovers with it, so it wasn't very useful.

4.22 Rollover testing AFAIK* only works in MSIE, which is why I was having so much trouble. In fact I think I had a test that would have run, had I tried it on MSIE instead of Firefox. Yet another example of why it's important to always test in multiple browsers.

*I read this fact on a forum whose url I can no longer remember. It is, in fact the case, as I have tested it several times (MSIE 6 vs. FF on XP SP 2).

March 16, 2006

Browser as Filter

In the 90's we referred to browsers as members of a class of "Agents." The hope was for that class to grow and eventually include "Intelligent Agents."

But today the browser is more and more a of "Sensitive Filter." That is, the application has become better able to sense its environment. And the function of the browser is now to keep the Web out as much as to facilitate the completion of tasks on the Web.

That's why I'm interested in Greasemonkey.

March 07, 2006

Deleting tags from

Today I deleted some tags from my profile. I removed the tags: WebDesign, Portal, Tutorial, Application, and Torrent.

Now that I am done deleting, there is (as far as I know) no record in that I have ever used those tags. Will the applications of the future track what we discard, as well as what we use? Right now the storage costs are too high to log every deleted tag from every user. But it is easy to envision a time when storage is so cheap that such tracking is possible.

What would that mean for privacy? What if I assign, and later delete, the tag kiddie.pr0n? If the NSA does a sweep of users, do they flag my account or not, since I'm obviously no longer using that tag?

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