November 20, 2006

Event Selectors JavaScript/Ajax library at Encytemedia --- Design and development crossfade

Another js library that I'd like to use some time.

"event:Selectors allow you to apply an event such as mouseover, mouseout, click, et al using a CSS style syntax."

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October 01, 2006

Anticipating NextFest

We had to wait all weekend to get to NextFest, but today is the day! A quick look at the Internets reveals these newly risen data-islands in the vicinity of "NextFest."

The musician/artist draws with different colors on a standard LP record-sized blank piece of paper. The sensors in the arm of the turntable can distinguish between five different colors (black, red, yellow, blue and green). As the turntable spins the 'platter' the music plays.

There was a cool harp made out of lasers that people could play, some kind of light up blocks, a cool fog screen thing, a "Media Mirror" that projected what was in front of it in the form of little tiny live television feeds, a cool space-time spandex pokey screen, a projected dandelion that blows away when an infrared hairdryer is pointed at it, a bunch of interactive projected games/images that move when a person tries to push them...

September 11, 2006

Neat little example of a useful JavaScript closure

I just picked up the 5th edition of David Flanagan's JavaScript, the Definitive Guide. I find it amusing that that book is the only JavaScript book officially recommended at comp.lang.javascript.

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May 26, 2006

"To become a member of the Internet of Things"

I would like a word that means "to become part of the Internet of Things." Hopefully the Web's next generation can do better than "Web-ify," (ugh) and "go digital" doesn't cover it.

I need a single verb that means "go digital, go wireless, go mobile, become automated, begin writing log files about activity, provide surveillance capabilities, become extensible, become standardized, and become platform-independent."

Bruce Sterling Style Rant at SXSW

Bruce Sterling Style Rant at SXSW

Cute short rant found via beyond the beyond. In the future we will print everything out. No one will own anything, all property will be downloadable from the network!