October 19, 2006

Two kickass hip-hop podcasts

Contrary to what you might think if you went through my "record collection," I like hip-hop a lot. I still remember the electricity of Grandmaster Flash and UTFO, and the "America's greatest Rap" cassette with the blue cover; that I bought at Zayre's in the the Green Mountain Mall.

Anyway, the problem with hip-hop now that it's blown up, is that I'm not hip enough, anymore, to be able to track what's good and what's crap. And now that hip-hop has gone mainstream, there is reallly a ton of crap.

These are some good podcasts about new and emerging hip-hop. Neither of them is what I'd call "genius," but both rock me more often than not (though there's still a good deal of "not.")

Put the needle on the record, with Billy Jam This is the best, and also the shortest (connection?). It's a DJ throw-down.

Coffee 2 go with Noah This show has some nice lyriricists, as well as a being hosted by some talented DJs. However, these guys talk too much. Also what they spin can get a little arty.

The mixtape show rap hip hop podcast is way too commercial for me. That said, the DJ isn't afraid to totally play with the tracks; and about half of what he plays is pretty kick ass. This show is also short, which helps.