November 28, 2006

My "Countries Visited Map"

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October 17, 2006

Sources of my bookmarks

I am trying to help everyone at my work to more effeciently share our research. First I put together a couple of visualizations of my own research. These use third party tools (which are free) including delicious, a social bookmarking service.

An elegant, updating rss visualization of anyone's tag cloud is available through Extipicious. This is my tag cloud.

I used "Top sources of links " to see what the most useful Web design sites really are. This list reflects Web design as an art and a lifestyle.

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August 29, 2006

Our vacation playlist for 2006

I bought a Belkin FM converter for the iPod when we went on vacation this year. It was great having all that music on the road; and iTunes tracked every minute of it. Here's our "reality playlist" :) from vacation 2006!

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