December 04, 2006

Authoring accessible Web content

This began as a post for the JAG internal wiki. After I'd gone to all the trouble of looking everything up and spelling it right, I thought it would be worthwhile to mirror the post here.

Here are a couple of basic pointers for building Acessible Web sites. I generally am interested in Accessibility, because it's part of the Semantic Web vision. When I come across a relevant article, I tag it with accessibility. But I became especially interested after the National Federation for the Blind sued Target, basically because Target refused to add ALT tags to their images.

In no particular order, here’s list of core techniques:

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May 16, 2006

are domain names obsolete?

In the increasingly social Web, how much does my domain name matter? Isn't it more important that my site be positioned correctly in, digg? Most of my time as an entrepreneur would be spent trying to get highlyt ranked on google. Domain names seem to be dropping to the bottom of the Web presence hierachy, because what's important is one's social network.

When domain names started appearing along with copyright notices, I started to stop noticing domain names. Now I just look for a distinguishing characteristic in the media I'm viewing. Social indexing gives me the ability to search by criteria that just weren't available in the age of Search Engines. Because a computer can't sort items by "sexy."